Sunday, 20 March 2011

Brent Reservoir

Yesterday i went to Brent reservoir. I was expecting not to see much but it turned out I saw two ticks. One was a Reed Bunting  and the other was a Ruddy Duck. While me and my brother were walking along the reservoir we met two people who told us there was a hide, but you needed a key to get in. We went with them and stayed in the hide for a while. The two men told us that there was a Cetti's Warbler I was looking out for this and i saw something jumping in the bushes I told my brother and he also spotted it by this time there were also two other birders who we showed the bird to too. they spotted it with there scopes and identified them as Reed Buntings. Later a Ruddy Duck was seen and i looked for it but never saw it. We left the hide and I was annoyed that I had not seen the Ruddy Duck. We went onto another reservoir were Samuel spotted another Ruddy Duck this time i spotted it by myself and ticked it off.
 A Ruddy Duckshot with my camcorder

 Two photos of a Mistle Thrush.
                                             A Ring-necked Parakeet eating buds in the tree.
                                                          A Ruddy Duck swimming.

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  1. that's some nice footage of the ring-necked parakeet, maybe we can get some equally good film of them in the local park such as cassiobury for your project.