Monday, 29 August 2011

Scotland Ardnamurchan

A satellite photograph of Ardnamurchan.
We set off at about 7.00 am from Kings Langley, Love Lane. I had brought my iPod Touch, books and a few other things to entertain me on the long journey. As we had brought Theo with us to Scotland we had to take a brack every few hours to allow him to stretch his legs and relive himself. After about 4-5 hours we had crossed the boarder into Scotland and the scenery became more mountaines and green.
picture taken from inside the car in Scotland
After going through Glasgow we began having to go onto smaller roads. At about 7.00 pm we arrived at a ferry which brought us over loch Sunart and onto Ardnamurchan. The crossing only tock about 10 mins but me and Samuel still got out of the car to have a look around we reached the top and instantly saw a bazaar of Black Guillemots (bazaar is the correct name for a group of guillemots). When we did arrive on the other side we went onto a pier next to the ferry were Samuel took out his new scope and we carried on observing the Guillemots (footage coming in next post on Scotland) Whilst on the pier we also saw eiders, Shags and gulls. After we had finished birding we carried on our way on a incredibly small road. After a hour of driving at about as slow as a car could we arrived at our self catering house. 
 Our self catering house from the front.
 The view from my room
Some how this house had managed to get a sea view from every room. Luckily for me the owners of the house had left a scope for the visitors to use.
 me using the scope they lent us.

Later in the week it was my dads birthday. To celebrate it we decided to go to a castle which was near by.
The castle
To get to the castle we had to go across some sand which was only possible when the tied was out.
On the sand there was a surprisingly small number of birds including the Oystercatcher, Common Gull and a Rock Pipit. After that I decided to explore around the castle. 
On our way back to the car I found a bunch of these flowers growing next to the path.
 A Scottish thistle also the emblem of Scotland.
We were on our way home from the castle when a common seal was spotted. I got out of the car and took a few photos of the seal and then after about 15 mins we moved on.

A Common Seal.

The next day we went on a cycle ride to a hill which we could climb. To get there it took about one and a half hours and when we arrived the way we had wanted to go was locked off with a sign on the gate saying 
NO ENTERY but my dad still wanted to go that way I saw a small foot path leading up a small hill which I thought we could climb. When we got to the top the view was amazing.
The view half way up.
 The view from the top.

A few days later I decided I would like to climb up the mountain were the Golden Eagle usually flow over. My dad had the same idea and so we set off. Unfortunately half way up we were cut off by ferns up to my shoulders which meant we had to turn back
The rest is vague so hear are some pictures to see what i was up to.



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