Sunday, 2 October 2011

The River Ver and Tyttenhanger (24/9/11)

On the 24 of September I went with my brother on the monthly RSPB trip this time to the River Ver and Tyttenhanger.We started off the trip by going to the River Ver. Unfortunately the main way onto it was blocked off for shooting that day so we were unable to walk through onto the river. So we decided to walk around to another entrance of the river. On the way to the river we saw some Red-legged Partridge, a Buzzard, Pheasants, Black Headed Gulls and a Grey Heron. When we arrived at the river we saw a Reed Bunting sitting on a telephone wire. While we were walking down the river we passed a small cottage next to a farm with a shed next to it and inside the shed there was a Little Owl.

A Little Owl sitting inside a shed.
We went on and saw some birds which included Hobby, Swallows, Red Kite and Chiffchaff.

We arrived at Tyttenhanger a bit before lunch so people wanted to get some snacks and meals. whilst this was happening a man came over to us and told us there was a Black Tern. We went over to the place and we all found it in our scopes.
 A Black Tern.
We walked round the pit and saw some more birds but I have forgotten most of them all I remember is a Redshank, Common Gulls and some Gadwall.
All pictures taken by Samuel Perfect