Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Web sites

hello viewers of my blog, me and my brother have created two web sites one called "kings langley bird club" and the other "young birders of herts, beds and bucks" I hope you could help and spread this  around so that they can be put to proper use.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Tring Reservoirs

My school ended today at 12 because we were breaking up for the Christmas holidays. I had heard that there was a Snow Bunting at Tring so I decided to go and find it. I got the London Midland train from Kings Langley to Tring at 12:59 and arrived at Tring around 13:15. I set off for Startop's End Reservoir straight away. When I arrived I got off my bike and walked the rest of the way along the bank until I saw someone looking at the Snow Bunting. I went over to him and found it almost immediately feeding on the bank. I took out my brothers scope and placed it on the tripod and trained it on the Snow Bunting so that I could diggie scope it. The Snow Bunting was surprisingly close and I managed to obtain a few pictures with my iPod Touch. Unfortunately my iTouch has not got very many megapixals so the picture is not of the best quality.

I also managed to get some footage of it with my camcorder.

After watching the Snow Bunting for a while I began to get cold and decided to go onto Wilstone Reservoir. I arrived at Wilstone Reservoir and found someone I know and chatted to them for a while before going onto the hide and looking for the Bewick Swan's. On the way I stopped off at a hedge were I saw a flock of at least 20 Redwing and Fieldfare. I also saw a huge amount of wildfowl fly up when thy had been disturb by something which was a magnificent sit.  I managed to see the Bewick Swan's and identify them as 2 adults and 2 juv. Before I thought that there was 4 adults. From the hide I also saw 2 Golden Plover medaled in a group of Lapwings. I did not have much time to look for much more because I was getting cold and my train was leaving in the next 50 mins and I still wanted to look round the reservoir.By the time I got round the reservoir I realised that I only had 26 mins to get to the station. I cycled as fast as I could but it was so wet that if I cycled fast I would just do some wheel spin. Unfortunately I missed the first train and had to wait half an hour before I could got the second. I was very wet and and muddy by the time I got to Kings Langley so I went to my dads office (which is closer than my home) and left my bike there and went back home with my dad later on.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


sorry that I have not posted anything recently for a while. But I have not really had time. Hopefully I can finish my post on Dungeness soon.
Thanks Ephraim