Thursday, 5 January 2012

Brighton, Arundel and West Beach (31/12/11-1/1/12)

We left home at around 11 to get to Brighton. On the way me and my brother decided to play a game. The game was to look out for birds of prey. Kestrels would be 1 point, Buzzards 2, Red Kites 3 and any other bird of prey would be 4. On the way down I saw 1 Red Kite and 1 Kestrel. I also saw 2 Great Spotted  Woodpeckers.

In the car on the motor way.

When we arrived at Brighton the water looked ruff and promising. We decided to all go for a nice walk along the beach before we would go to the restaurant. Unfortunately there was not much to be seen and we ended up seeing some Herring GullsBlack-headed Gulls, Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Cormorants and a Pied Wagtail.
Three Herring Gulls.
Herring Gull.
Herring Gull.
Herring Gull with something in its mouth.
Herring Gull diving for a clam which it just dropped.
Herring Gull

We made the walk lead us straight to the restaurant which were going to eat at. After a nice meal we decided to head back to the car which meant we had to go back along the sea front but this time instead of going along the beach we went along the path which was higher than the beach. on the we witnessed a Starling roost. I managed to take some rubbish footage of the roost.

Starling roost
After that we went back to our hotel which was in Arundel.
On the 1st of January 2012 I decided to stay at the hotel instead of follow my brother to the near by beach. I managed to have a nice swim in the swimming pool at the hotel and then have a full English breakfast. After that me and my dad went to the beach to pick up my brother and this allowed me to get some of the easy new year ticks at the beach.
1. Woodpigeon: I saw the Woodpigeon at the hotel car park.
2. Blackbird: also seen at the car park
3. Magpie: on way to beach
4. Carrion Crow: also seen on way to beach
5. Herring Gull: At the beach
6. Black-headed Gull: flying over beach
7. Oystercatcher: going around on the beach (NOT EATING OYSTERS(WHY IS IT CALLED AN OYSTERCATCHER?))
8. Sanderling: wading with the Oystercatchers
9. Brent Geese: I saw some Brent Geese before the Black-headed Gulls but it was a probable sighting not definite.
10. Turnstone: at list there name is correct because that's exactly what they were doing.
11. Kestrel: hovering over the sand dunes on the beach.
Unfortunately no Redshanks.

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