Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ivinghoe Beacon (Boxing Day)

On Boxing Day me and my family decided to go for a nice walk at Ivinghoe Beacon because I had just got my new Nikon D3100 I decided to make that the priority so I could practise. We started off at Steps Hill and walked down into the valley. When I was in the Valley a Red Kite flow around as if it wanted me to photograph it.

After trying to get decent photo but failing my brother pointed out a Kestrel which was hovering over a meadow. I ran to get closer and zoomed in and took a few pictures here's the only photo that came out OK.
 As we got closer to Ivinghoe Beacon there was an increase in Redwings and Fieldfares. Find the Redwing in this tree.

As well as photographing birds I decided to photograph nature. Some of the views that you see from Ivinghoe Beacon are spectacular. But when we got to the top the wind was very strong coming from the west. Which meant it probable wouldn't bring any good migrants to were we where.

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