Saturday, 14 April 2012

The beach at night (15 and 16/2/12)

On the 15th the mum of my host family took me to the beach at around 17:30. When we arrived I had a good look over the sea. There was not much to be seen but then suddenly two goosander flow past and landed on the sea. If I can remember correctly they were both males. I also saw some Eiders and thousands of gulls floughting on the sea. There were also a few unIDable birds but it was to dark to see anything by the end of the walk.
On the 16th the mother took me again to a nature reserve this time. Because it was getting dark and it was raining it was hard to see anything let alone ID it. but by the end I saw c.100 Goldeneyec.100 Scoters ( unIDable most likly common) and about 20 Eiders.

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