Sunday, 30 September 2012


On Saturday I decided to go and see the Great White Egret which was staying at Wilstone. I set off to get the 8:29 train to Tring. I arrived at the reservoir at around 9:10. When I arrived I headed straight to the hide. On the way I looked out for anything which may have been of interest but only saw some Lapwing and different wildfowl. When I arrived at the hide it took about 5 minutes for the GREAT WHITE EGRET (year tick) to come out into the open again. Unfortunately it was on the other side of the reservoir and I couldn't get any decent pictures. After this I stayed in the hide till about 13:30. In that time the egret sometimes decided to come a little closer and also decided to hide itself. As well as seeing the egret there was a kingfisher acting very odd. We saw it hover over the water and dive and it did catch a fish at one point.

 A Little Egret which came up close to the hide.
 The Great White Egret

 The Great White Egret in flight

The hovering Kingfisher.

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