Saturday, 6 October 2012

Kent Wryneck at last

Today I went with Chris, Brendan and Paul to Kent. We had the idea of looking for the roost of the Long-eared Owl on Sheppey. When we arrived at Elmley we went straight to the orchard to look for them. After about five minutes someone found one which was hiding in plain sight. The LONG-EARED OWL (lifer) was roosting almost in front of us and when the warden spoke loudly it didn't move.

Long-eared Owl

After looking at the Long-eared Owl for a while we moved on and went to Dover to see a Wryneck. Again we talked to people and they told us where it had been seen. We walked to the right place and after a few minutes a thrush like bird flew from the undergrowth to a bush we ID it as a WRYNECK (lifer). It showed well but unfortunately my camera didn't focus on the bird properly so here is a out of focus shot of the Wryneck.

Wryneck in bush

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