Friday, 7 December 2012

Woodcock in Kings Langley

I just took my dog out for a walk to the common today. It was around dusk which is about 4:15 now a days.  When I got onto the common something suddenly came over the woods very quickly. It was about Feral Pigeon size and was flapping its wings very quickly as well as not keeping to a straight line. All these things only pointed to one bird a WOODCOCK this is a first for Kings Langley. But like my brother Samuel I didn't get enough features on it to tick.

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  1. nice probable find Ephraim! Well done. I also had a probable Woodcock in a similar area, although I flushed it from the ground near the first entrance to KL Wood only a few douzen meters from our back garden. Berrybushes Wood is apparently OK for Woodcock and I hear a lot of people mentioning that Scatterdells Wood is also a good place for them. Dusk is by far the best time to try and find them, most often in flight (like you saw it),