Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Bearded Tits Hyde Park

After seeing every ones success photographing the Bearded Tits I knew that I had to go. On Sunday I passed through Hyde Park but could not stop off because we had to take my brother to the station. So today after applying for a new passport (which is a huge ordeal) I went with my parents to Hyde Park. I had planed this early because I knew the embassy was very close to where the Bearded Tits had been seen for about a month. When I arrived at the Diana Memorial where they where staying I almost instantly located the Bearded Tits and I set up my equipment as quick as I could. I photographed them for a while and by the time it was time to go it was already after 11:30.

Fem. Bearded Tits
I know there not the best pics but there not the worst either. I'll probably try and go after them again another day when its more sunny and I have more time.

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  1. WOW E, those are some truly amazing photos of the Bearded Tits!!! No joking they are the best photographs I have EVER seen of this species and that's saying something! My fave is the 3rd to last picture as it's nice and simple with no confusing background and well positioned etc. I'm sure if you have enough pics of the leg ring you could probably help piece together the number as I think the London Bird Club would be fairly keen to get their hand on your excellent quality pics. Well done again and love to all the family,