Saturday, 23 February 2013

Local patch

Today I went for a walk with my black labrador and made a long walk out of it. Three hours later I got home and the highlights of the walk were Buzzard, Marsh Tit and Treecreeper.

Friday, 22 February 2013


on the 20th I went down to Tom's Lane in Kings Langley to photograph some Waxwings. I was very fortunate to get a lift from my mum which makes me feel really lazy now because I live in Kings Langley. We drove down to Tom's Lane and cruised along the lane waiting to hear the distinctive call or see the unmistakable shape of a Waxwing. It took us two drive pasts to eventually find them. I quickly got my equipment ready and found a good spot where I wasn't disturbing the Waxwings. I photographed for a while trying to get a shot of one flying but unfortunately failed at getting a good one. At the time I thought I didn't get one but when I was looking over my photos on the computer I saw one slightly blurred picture.

Waxwing in flight

Whilst photographing the birds I managed to count the flock. The birds were very active and I could count the exact number but it was around 25+ birds. This was an impressive flock for Kings Langley. Whilst I was there I got talking to a local who told me she saw them in that tree every year. I was a little doubtful that she mistook Starlings to be Waxwings but still I will probably try next year.


Saturday, 16 February 2013


A great days birding with Chris and Paul down to Kent. We started off with the Penduline Tit at Stodmarsh. When we arrived at around 8 it took us about an hours walk to get to the Penduline Tit which was on the other side of the reserve. When we eventually arrived we were told it had just shown very well. We were then told that it had just flown off and it took us about 15 minutes of waiting before the PENDULINE TIT poped up in a tree. I got a small glimpse of it but then we were faced with about a 45 minute wait. When it showed again it came down to the Bull rush and allowed us to take some nice photos.

Penduline Tit

After that we left. On our way back we connected with a bird that had for a long time alluded me. The CETTI'S WARBLER. It wasn't a good view but we saw it sing and flit around in the bush so we ticked it off. By this time we were keeping a day list.
When we got back to the car we headed for Dungeness and Lade GP's. Our first stop was Lade GP's were we saw a wonderful BLACK-THROATED DIVER. So far so good.

Black-throated Diver

When we had finished with the diver we went straight to the GLAUCOUS GULL which we also easily found. While we were down there we decided to go to the patch. There we saw Kittiwake, Guillimot, Little Gull and Razorbill. After this we went off to the ARC pit. There we managed to find 4 Smews (2 drakes). We then went across the road were we saw c.3 Tree Sparrows.

Tree Sparrow

We headed up the road towards the RSPB reserve and stopped off on the way to see 2 Great White Egrets, and 4 TUNDRA BEAN GEESE. When we had finished watching them we went off to a place where we could find some Bewick Swans which we found.

Bewick Swans

After that a short Raptor roost where we saw almost double figures of Marsh Harrier and a few Male Bearded Tits. We also saw a Barn Owl.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bonaparte's Gull and a Dark-breasted Barn Owl

Today I went out with Chris, Brendan and Paul to twitch the Bonaparte's Gull. We set off at 11:15 from the Harvester in Garston and travelled by car down to Eastbourne, Sussex. It took us about 2 hours to get to the park were the Bonaparte's Gull had been showing and it took us a few seconds when we got to the pond to locate the BONAPARTE'S GULL which was swimming around on the water with Black-headed Gulls. When we had got our fair share of photos and views we decided to head off and go to see the Dark-breasted Barn Owl. On the way we stopped off to find a Black Redstart which didn't decide to show so we carried on. It took us another half an hour to get to Southease station where it had been seen mostly. We headed towards the bridge where it had said was the best viewing platform and viewed from there. Barn Owls showed each time raising our spirits but then suddenly someone shouted out they had seen a dark breasted one so we looked across and there it was flying across the meadows a DARK-BREASTED BARN OWL. We viewed it for the rest of the time we light and at some points we got some cracking views especially Chris and Brendan who had it sit on a post infront of them while me and Paul had decided to take a stroll to get a different angel on the Owl. When we got back to them Chris showed us his pictures which where some absolute amazing ones. to see his post and pics click on the link.

 Bonaparte's Gull

Dark-breasted Barn Owl

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Ferruginous Duck at Priory Lake

On Saturday for a birthday present I got a lift with my parents to see the Ferruginous Duck in Bedfordshire. I was hoping for it to be a good photography trip. But when I arrived it took me a few minutes to find the FERRUGINOUS DUCK in-between the Pochard flock. I thought I saw someone walk along the bank which was closed off and went round the whole lake to see if anywhere would be closer than the hide but I never found anywhere and only managed to get a record shot. I also saw a Black-necked Grebe.

Ferruginous Duck