Friday, 22 February 2013


on the 20th I went down to Tom's Lane in Kings Langley to photograph some Waxwings. I was very fortunate to get a lift from my mum which makes me feel really lazy now because I live in Kings Langley. We drove down to Tom's Lane and cruised along the lane waiting to hear the distinctive call or see the unmistakable shape of a Waxwing. It took us two drive pasts to eventually find them. I quickly got my equipment ready and found a good spot where I wasn't disturbing the Waxwings. I photographed for a while trying to get a shot of one flying but unfortunately failed at getting a good one. At the time I thought I didn't get one but when I was looking over my photos on the computer I saw one slightly blurred picture.

Waxwing in flight

Whilst photographing the birds I managed to count the flock. The birds were very active and I could count the exact number but it was around 25+ birds. This was an impressive flock for Kings Langley. Whilst I was there I got talking to a local who told me she saw them in that tree every year. I was a little doubtful that she mistook Starlings to be Waxwings but still I will probably try next year.


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