Sunday, 21 April 2013

All over staines

Today as the title says I went with my older brother Samuel to Staines. We started off the day by being dropped off next to Staines Moor where I was hoping to see Cuckoo and my brother Grasshopper Warbler. We arrived at the moor a little later than everyone else who had probably been there since the sun rose. It was a nice sunny day so no extraordinary amounts of clothes were needed so instead it was just with some gloves and a hat. When we got onto the moor we were met by a small group of birders who were hoping to hear or even see the Grasshopper Warbler but the had not seen or heard anything so we decided to not waste our time waiting for nothing and we made a small walk around the moor after looking from the board walk for some Cuckoo. On the way around Samuel found a HOBBY which was the first of the year for me and also him. At one point it made a nice flight and landed on a mud heap and showed well for photos. The bird was amazing and did not even budge after my camera almost fell on the floor (talk about bad field craft).


After photographing it for a bit my brother found a Cuckoo which then started calling which made me alert and I look round to see my brother pointing towards a tree where I had my first ever CUCKOO.

Cuckoo first ever view

This bird had escaped me to many times and now I had eventually got one I felt as if Christmas had come early (but of course the bird wouldn't have been there if it was Christmas). Now I had got my target bird so I was a little more relaxed. We walked around for a bit longer and then headed back to the board walk were I saw 2 male Cuckoos flying one chasing the other this went on for a while and so I fetched my brother but as soon as he arrived they had gone. We stayed there waiting for them to come out again an sure enough they showed well one coming into a decently close tree.


Find the Cuckoo

Then it was lunch time and straight after off to Staines Reservoir. On the walk we encountered many warblers including 3 LESSER WHITETHROATS first for the year. On the reservoir we saw in total 5 ARCTIC TERNS all showing well for scope views but through a camera you could barely see them.

Arctic Tern

Good comparison of size between Arctic Tern and Black-headed Gull

My brother also located a Black-tailed Godwit and just before leaving a Black-necked Grebe.