Thursday, 4 April 2013

Black Woodys at last

Our last day in Germany and me and my brother where getting desperate for some Black Woodpecker. We had organized which woulds to go to, to download the call of the Woodpecker and to wake up at 5. This all went according to plan except for the waking up bit which I found very difficult but my brother suprisingly easy. I made myself breakfast whilst my brother was waiting impatiently to go and around 6-6:10 we were off. We downloaded every call we could and went straight to the woods when the sun was just rising. After being a few feet into the woods we played the call just for us to learn it and a few seconds later we a BLACK WOODPECKER fly over our heads. That was just to easy!!! After lots of blasphemous language we carried on playing the call every now and then and trying to see one land on one of the trees. We did this through the whole woods until after nine.

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