Sunday, 12 May 2013

A hirundous day

Sorry for the terrible pun of the title. But as the title suggests there were plenty of hirundins around the local patch today. I first had some Swallows flying over the farmland and shortly afterwards I had two House Martins drinking from a puddle in front of me. I also had a small flock of Swifts fly over of about 5+. The horrendous part of the day was, that is all I got after a 3 or more hours walking around my local patch.


  1. After all they are nice birds and you did not have to travel for miles to see them. And I think you saw a big black animal which took you on an even longer walk then you had originally planed. L M

  2. Ephraim, I just read your blog all the way back to the entries from Germany. Very exiting sightings and lovely pics. Excellent. L M