Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Robin nest

I have been lucky enough to have a Robin nesting right in front of my house. Today I had the first opportunity to take a few pictures of the Robins. Luckily disturbance wasn't a problem due to being inside the house and it had got used to human activity because it is nesting right outside my front door and that is not an exaggeration.

Because I'm on the computer for most of my spar time :) this is very convenient.



  1. Hi Ephraim that must be great having a Robin nesting so close by , my sister had a wren nesting in her clothes peg bag hanging from her washing line once , just shows how adaptable birds are.

  2. Yes its very nice to have them so close. Its nice to look up from my homework every now and then and watch them feeding there young. But I'm really surprised how they are not disturbed by my dog barking or he people who come to the door. I hope you've had good luck with your birding to. But I'm just getting ready now to go down and see my brother in cornwall hopefully i'll come back with some good pics and some good birds.