Friday, 31 May 2013

Some cornish delights

I and my brother headed off for some Cirl Buntings on the Wedensday and we managed to see 5 CIRL BUNTINGS 4 males and a female. Cirl Buntings are a schedule 1 breeding species and is in the red list so I will not be releasing any information. So please do not ask any questions. But on a less serious note they showed nicely and I got a few distant photos.

Cirl Bunting

Later that day when we got back to the flat after a long journey we were tipped off about a Garganey which was down at Swanpool which was a short trip by bus from Penryn. We immediately had our bags packed and headed down to the bus stop were we met another one of Samuel's friends who was doing the wildlife photography course in the Uni. After the bus journey and a medium walk we arrive at Swanpool and almost instantly located the drake GARGANEY. We watched it until about 9:05pm when it went to roost in the reeds on the South West end of Swanpool. That was two life ticks in one day!!! I got some record shots of the bird but nothing else because the light was going in.


I have been writing my posts up quite frequently so if you missed my last post about my trip to the well known peninsular Lizard click HERE.

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  1. the photos of the Cirl Bunting are amazing. Did not realise they were so rare.