Sunday, 12 January 2014

Grey Phalarope (Hove)

Before the 11th exams had temporarily taken hold of all my free time and before that revision had, so eventually I managed to escape and for the first time in a long time get a lift with my parents to a twitch. I must admit this was no ordinary twitch instead of waking up at the ungodly hours of 4:30 I could sleep in until 7:30. Furthermore, it was less of a twitch than a photography opportunity. When I did get up though we were off with the crack of a whip. The traffic was good and we were in Brighton after an hour and a half. My mum and dad weren't sure were the bird was and when I told them it was at a children's paddling pool there even less sure expecting I had got something wrong. I did eventually get to the Grey Phalarope and I was overjoyed to see it hadn't decided to migrate on. Like everyone else I got down onto the floor and started photographing.

Grey Phalarope

The next four hours went past in a blur and before I knew it my dad was back ready to carry on. I took the opportunity and thought that the Glaucous Gull would be my best shot. After instantly dipping on that I had something to eat and was on my way back to the Phalarope. This time I was hoping to capture the bird in the evening light.

Grey Phalarope

By the end of the day I had probably explained to a thousand locals about every single feature of the bird to the response "aaaawwwwwwhhh poor birdy" and one person who was outraged that we were "photographing the children". All in all the bird peformed amazingly and I was happy to see it as well as photograph it.