Monday, 5 May 2014

A day out of the ordinary

As I have mentioned in many of my blog post I have my GCSE's coming up. Infact they are starting this week. However, today had a strange turn of events. I had planned to do more revision, but when a sighting of a possible Lesser Yellowlegs at College Lake was reported I almost fell of my chair. This is an absolute MEGA inland. My pessimistic side got the better of me and decided it would probably turn out to be nothing more than a Redshank or something of that sort. Later that day a full report was released and there was no more possible or probable about it. This was great news so I rounded my mum and dad up and "asked" them to give me a lift to Tring. In the car I could hardly contain myself and I was bouncing around longing to get to College Lake. We eventually made it there and I sprinted out the car onto the reserve. I lifted up my binoculars and there it was, a little distant, but easily visible from the reserve entrance. I followed the bird around a little trying to anticipate its moves, where it might go, occasionally getting it right. A group of birders and I managed to find the birds favorite feeding point and we managed to get some absolutely cracking views.

Lesser Yellowlegs (as you had probably guessed)

Even though it was harassed by a Lapwing each time it came to the point, it was determined to feed from that particular area of marshland. Along the way I managed to pick up and spot a few other goodies, which included: Little Ringed Plover, Redshank, Turnstone, Swift, Sand Martin and a fly over Hobby which made a few passes.

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