Monday, 14 July 2014

Pitstone, Corn Bunting

Last year, when I first bumped into the Corn Buntings at Pitstone, I vowed to myself that I would take on the opportunity to photograph them, and express their true beauty amongst the fields of corn, which provide a perfect back drop. So in the winter of 2013 I set up a project of my own. Unfortunately it failed dismally, I only managed to get one possible record of one fly over Corn Bunting in 5 trips! Then last week, I went to Ivinghoe to see the Dark Green Fritillaries, along with the butterflies I also saw that the Corn Buntings had returned. So now I have relaunched the project and I hope to photograph them in the next few weeks. Tonight I took a tester to see how well I could do, the light was fading and had been extinguished by the clouds, but the Corn Buntings didn't fail to show. The views weren't anything special, but the birds were.

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