Friday, 12 September 2014

Wryneck, aren't they just the best!

I have seen my fair share of Wryneck, but the day I say no to seeing another, is a day I don't want to know about. Therefore there was no possibility on the Saturday of last week that I would choose not to accompany my Mum down to Brighton where a particular Wryneck had been present for a few days. A late start meant that I wasn't on the site, Beachy Head, until around 12. However, this did not deter the bird at all. The instant I arrived the Wryneck came into view, much to my delight!

I stayed on the sight for a while following the bird around, which was great for good views from a distance. However, the bird never showed at close quarters, allowing only record shots. Nonetheless, seeing a Wryneck always proves to be a good day, and this was not an exception.
I left the site reluctantly, but hastily as I needed to meet my mum in under an hour in Brighton. Amazingly, on the walk back I relocated the bird, as it flew from a distance. The bird then landed, perched on a twig and sat right in front of me!!! It was difficult to contain my excitement, but luckily I did and I was fortunate enough to be one of the few to have seen this bird at such a close proximity.

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  1. Great photo Ephraim , Wrynecks are one of my fav birds