Saturday, 24 September 2016

Bardsey Week 4 (17-23/09/16)

Southerlies and westerlies continued to prevail over the island this week, despite this there were good numbers of migrants passing through. The most common of course being Chiffchaff and Goldcrest. The numbers are still to reach their peak, and are steadily on the increase. Amongst them are the occasional Spotted Flycatcher or migrant warbler, for example Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Garden Warbler and Reed Warbler. Chats are still passing through in good number, including Stonechat, but especially Robins, which have numbered up to 70 or so birds on some days. The odd Whinchat or even Lapland Bunting have also cropped up and both Grey Wagtail and Snipe have been seen passing through almost daily.

 Manx Shearwater

 Spotted Flycatcher

However, the highlights of the week have been more Wryneck, and the incredibly confiding waders on Solfach. It’s been very enjoyable being able to see Wryneck on almost a daily basis, and even having the privilege of encountering a slightly more showy individual.


As I said earlier the Waders on the beach have been posing for the cameras and have allowed for some enjoyable photography sessions. Not to mention the number present. Turnstone are numbering up to 80 or so birds whilst Dunlin are breaking 20 and Ringed Plover are managing double figures. The occasional Knot or Sanderling have also been present.

 Ringed Plover

 Purple Sandpiper


We’ve taken advantage of the number of wader and attempted woosh netting twice, both times having reasonable success, with almost 20 birds caught in the second session.

Moths continue to be trapped in the garden, largely consisting of Square-spot Rustics or Lunar Underwings, but other more interesting species have also been caught, including another Convolvulus Hawkmoth.

Convolvulus Hawkmoth

Oh, I almost forgot, the Melodious Warbler is also somehow, still in the observatory Garden smashing its way into its fourth week here! How I’ve not got a single picture of the bird is beyond me…


  1. 10 awesome photos Ephraim. Looks that you caught them at their best.

  2. You have done better than my entire year tick list. Enjoy your time there